Auto Strip 9600TS

Auto Strip 9600TS (AS9600TS)

The Features:

Built-in 5.7" user friendly HMI(Human-Machine Interface) with traditional/simplified Chinese and English operation manual.

Suitable for the coaxial center conductor diameter 0.15mm to wire diameter 3.0mm. 

Store 300 sets of wire processing data files in controller memory.

Stripping and cutting speed can be adjusted in accordance with demand.

Capability Ranges:

Wire processing range:  O.D.  max. 3.0mm.

Operation speed : The speed depending on the wire length and operating is different.

Stripping capability: The min. processing wire length is 30mm(strip on double ends)and single-end strip less than 3.5mm,it can be to 99,999.9 mm to be the longest. The left end is the longest can strip the wire of 40mm,and the right end depends on the wire material.

Output capacity : Depending on the wire total length and operating procedures, can reach the output of 900 Pcs/hr(TS Model). 
Wire-Feeder 8100 (WF8100)

The Features:

Cooperating with "Auto Strip 9300TK" can detect  wire shortage , automatically feeding  and stopping the wire , keep the wire  feeding steadily.

This machine can be installed with the additional wire processing device (optional) eliminates wire bending and improve process accuracy.

Max. feeding speed up to 2.5 M/Sec. , The high speed feeding make the optimal strip efficiency obtained.

Capability Ranges:

Processing wire O.D. range: Max. 5 mm , Min. 0.8 mm

Feeding speed : 2.5 M/Sec. (Max.)
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